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We're two product ninjas with a huge drive to help your business thrive, prosper, and make more money. With 10 years of experience under our belt in creating and selling digital products online, we're here to help you skyrocket your bottom line to a whole new level with our unique skill set!

Mike Hersh - Founder & CEO of MyProductFactory.com. In his spare time he's a dedicated father of five beautiful children. In business he's one of the most sought after copywriters on the planet, and a serial digital product launcher with a track record of millions of dollars in sales online.

Rafael Hersh - The digital product alchemist that works his butt off to create hot-selling digital products, hire writers, manage outsourcing teams, and make sure the products we create leave our factory with the potential to become top-sellers in any industry.

"Several THOUSAND DOLLARS in PROFIT (AND COUNTING) later I am already making plans to work with Mike and his team on another course."

Lenny Rowell
Lenny Rowell -CPA Affiliate Success

If you are on the fence at all about the cost or the quality don't be. I was absolutely blown away with the high quality product that was produced for me. This will be the best decision you ever made! I myself am looking forward to working again with Mike in the very near future.

Jenny Freeman
Jenny Freeman EZ Weight Loss LLC

After seeing some samples, we decided to take the plunge / risk and even though this service was more expensive (sorry Mike LOL) than we thought it would be... boy are we happy with the result!!!

In retrospect we've wasted so much money trying to do things cheaply that we feel a bit stupid for not doing things 'properly' the first time round. You live and learn!

The old cliche rings true people... you get what you pay for. As others have said, Mike is without a doubt THE best, or at the very least one of the very best product creators online. He over-delivered both in content, research, product niche suggestion and communication, making sure that we were happy all the way through the project.

Will I use Mike again? Well....of course. We are now looking and our next two projects.

Can't speak highly enough of Mike and this service. Thanks for everything Mike!
Paul - Niche Republic LLC

Paul Brown
Paul Brown Niche Republic LLC

Mike knows what he is doing. If you want to be making a full time income online and living the life of your dreams. Grab this offer NOW!

Don't be sitting in the same spot in a month wishing that you would of grabbed one of the five spots while you watch the five people that were smart enough to grab this offer live the life of their dreams.

Mike is a stand up guy and this offer is insanely valuable.
Get NOW.

This is 100% unsolicited.

Jeremy Jivens
Jeremy Jivens Fearless Profits LLC


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